Taller de chocolate en Mayan Monkey Mijas

Chocolate workshop with Mayan Monkey (Mijas pueblo).

Happy Africa Blogueraviajera mayan monkey

Are you serious mummy? I can make three bars of chocolate and take them home all for me! And her face was a picture when I said yes. 😊

Who are Mayan Monkey Mijas?

It’s a chocolate factory and a happiness laboratory, and they certainly made us happy in the time spent in the chocolate workshop. Located in the centre of Mijas Pueblo, it’s not just a chocolate shop and café, it’s a museum, factory and a place of happiness… what more could you ask for? They have ice creams and sorbets 100% pure and natural, made with milk and organic fruits without the use of palm oil. As they state: “zero false foods, zero silliness” their coco comes from sustainable farms and communities avoiding all mass farmed goods. All this can be enjoyed in the pleasant atmosphere inside or in the outdoor terrace.

Our chocolate workshop experience at Mayan Monkey Mijas:

We did the express chocolate workshop and made three bars of organic chocolate of whatever flavour took our fancy (or in Africa’s case every flavour available). Firstly, you choose what type of chocolate you want as your base; white, milk or dark which you pour into three moulds. Secondly, you choose from the 54 ingredients, dried fruit, seeds, spices, essential oils, chocolate buttons, coffee beans, or Himalayan salt just to name a few (some surprise ones like aloe vera on offer too). If you choose white chocolate, that’s the first one you have to deal with as it sets quicker than the others. Then you add your chosen ingredients. Some, like Gramps, were very orderly others, like Africa, and I were more free style. So, once your culinary artworks are complete (or as in Africa’s case, you can’t put anything else on) they go in the fridge for 20minutes before you can collect them. Meanwhile enjoy something from the café, but don’t go overboard because you’ll have 300grammes of chocolate to take home with you.

Practical Information for visiting Mayan Monkey Mijas

Workshops: The 20min express (2 people 18.95€/ +4 14.95€), the 30min filled truffle workshop (2 people 25€/ +4people 19.95€), the 60min Chocolate master workshop (2 people 50€ +4 people 29.95€). They also offer special workshops for valentines, Easter and Christmas, for more info and reservations consult their webpage mayan monkey.
Suitable for adults and kids from 3years old, children must be accompanied by an adult, although one adult can supervise up to 6 children, making it great for birthday parties.
– Apart from the workshops there is also a museum and the shop is filled with more chocolate than you can imagine.
Located in la Plaza de la Virgen in Mijas, Google Maps. All day parking for 1€ in the parking de ayuntamiento.

Other resources:

If  your´re interested in Mayan Monkey´s ethics you can read more the Mayan Monkey website

África Blogueraviajera feliz saliendo del taller de chocolate

As the saying goes… a picture is worth athousand words, Africa’s face at the workshop.
So now you know, if you’re looking for a fun time with a sweet ending, this is the workshop for you.

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