Sunview Park Tirolina más larga de Andalucía

SunView Park: Andalusia´s longest double Zip Line.

Fasten your seat belts, put your hands on your chest and get ready to fly.
Are you ready to jump into the void and fly at 100 kilometers per hour over the mountains of Alhaurín?
Now you can at SunviewPark´s Super Zip Line, the longest double zip line (1,350 meters) in Andalusia and the second longest in all of Spain. And don’t worry, later you can recover your strength on the terrace with its incredible views of the Guadalhorce Valley.

Sunview Park:

Sunview Park is an attraction located near Alhaurín de la Torre. Its main attraction is the longest zip line in Andalusia, but you can also complete your day of adventure with archery or horseback riding, and without a doubt I recommend that after jumping on the zip line you have a drink on the terrace and take in the views. They also organize private events.

On the zip line you can jump individually superman or superwoman style (if you weigh between 50 and 120kgs) or sitting down (if you weigh more than 100kgs), you can also jump in tandem depending on the weight of the two people together (they must weigh between 100 and 150 kg although this may vary depending on weather conditions). The height must be between 1.20 and 2.15 meters. The adventure can be for the whole family because children can also jump (they can do it alone if they weigh more than 45 kilos or in tandem if the two people add up to 100 kilos in total). Of course, for the little ones, if the harness fits they are allowed to fly.

And if you meet the weight and height requirements, all you need to do is have…a crazy desire to jump!
Are you are really brave, you can jump at night, but this is only for the most daring.

Nuestra visita:

The service road is a dirt track to get you in the adventurous mood. You park with the zip line start point looming in the background and the nerves start to shake start to realize how long it is. The place is impressive, they have a huge terrace with panoramic views of the entire Guadalhorce valley, I think they are the best views I have seen in any restaurant, bar or beach bar in all of Malaga.

We went with the idea that Mike would jump with Africa in a tandem, and in the end, Africa did not jump, but the grandparents, Mike’s brother, niece and a friend of ours took little encouragement to jump. So, 3 generations ended up flying across the valley.

Africa was really excited about the jump when we told her about it and during all the preparation she was fine (as you can see in the photos she was super happy), but when she found herself hanging on the wire alone (whoever goes first is placed first) in the harness on and the sheer drop open in front of her she freaked out. Later, when I asked if she wanted to try again she replied, “Not until I´m a bit older… like you”. Mike wasn´t to upset as he got to jump superman style alongside the rest of his family.

We didn’t have time to stop on the terrace because we had to go to the airport to take Mike’s family back to England, but we still have an appointment pending to go have some beers or dinner there when they have some live music on. Even if you are not going to jump, it is a place worth visiting. He left you some photos so you can see that I’m not lying (I never do, hehehe).

Información práctica:

Zip line: individual jump €25, tandem €48 (discounts from 6 people). Be careful because you cannot buy the tandem jump on the web because, as I said, it depends on the weight and the conditions, but if you want to do it, you only have to buy an individual jump and write in the comments that the other person wants to jump in tandem and a Once here, if it can be done, the difference is paid.
Archery: €4 more if you jump and €6 if you only do archery.
Horseback riding: €35 for the horseback ride and €58 for the horseback ride + zip line jump. Minimum for horseback riding 4 people.
Hours: Both the zip line and the restaurant are open on Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m.
To book I leave you the SUNVIEW PARK website.
If you can, come late in the afternoon, especially in summer, to avoid the hot hours and also to enjoy the sunset on the terrace afterwards.
Take a look at their Social Networks because they organize concerts.
-On the terrace it is better to book, especially on weekends (Wassup 683.45.50.52)
-For children I think that 8/10 years is the ideal age because if they are very young it impresses. Africa has done climbing and a few other things but this was a bit big for him.

Super Africa en Sunview park

Who said fear? If you are brave and want to enjoy yourself, book your jump at Sunviewpark now and don’t wait any longer.

We want to thank SUNVIEW PARK for inviting us to meet them and enjoy this fun and original family experience.


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